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After upgrading to on AIX 7.1 Power system 64-bit systems we have experienced slow performance of database and high paging on AIX server. This is a general slowness with all the memory (Physical + Virtual) consumed in some time. Restarting of database didn’t help as memory does not get free after shutting down the database. Only server restart helps but that is again temporary.

Symptoms includes that background processed start taking more memory. After bearing with this issue, finally we got the issue as AIX 7.1 power system 64-bit bug due to which memory once occupied doesn’t get free on server. Both Oracle & IBM have note related to this issue and fix is to apply a patch on AIX system. Below are use full docs from Oracle & IBM which helped us. These are worth to look at if you are also having above symptoms.

Virtual Memory Consumption / Paging under AIX 7.1 (Doc ID 1666458.1)

Memory Consumption on AIX (Doc ID 259983.1)

After applying the patch mentioned in above notes, issue is resolved. Hope this will help to others facing this slowness issue for which we spend few weeks to find out.