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In this post, i will be installting Discoverer 11g ( on AIX 7.1. Following components will be installed for fully functional Discovere installation. I will be covering each in different post. For first post, i will be installing RCU for discoverer.

• Install RCU
• Install 10.3.6 weblogic server
• Install OFM
• Install OFM

Follow this link (here) for compatibility and prerequisites for platform specific installations. Once, all the platform specific requirments are meet, follow the steps. Let’s first check the java version on server.




In this case, java version is as per requirment. Now, download the RCU (Repository Creation Utility) and unzip it on any windows server and run the rcu.bat file. Following are screens for creating RCU. A detailed description of RCU creation can be found Here

On running the rcu.bat, first screen sill be welcome screen.








Click on next >








Select “create” option and click next >









Give the details of server where a blank database exists, which will be used for hosting discoverer repository. I am using a database and make sure that you know the sys/system user password of database as it will be required in this screen.








click on next >










On this screen, specify the prefix of schema names and tablespace name which will be used for discoverer.











Specify password for all discoverer related schemas.








Click on next >








Click on next >








Click on next >









Now, click on create and finally you will get the success screen at the end.









So, RCU setup is complete and in next post i will be installing weblogic 10.3.6. Keep reading !!!!!!!!

In my previous two posts, i have installed weblogic 10.3.6 & on oracle linux 5 server. In this post, i will patch bimaries to The process is same as we done earlier for with only difference is that we will select the previously defined ORACLE HOME & MIDDLEWARE HOME. Again run the runInstaller and first welcome screen will popup.


click next >


Select the Middleware Home & Oracle Home which we defined during the installation.


Summary screen will appear and click next >


Progress bar will show progress.


run the as root user on server and click ok after that.


click finish and installation part is done for Now, we are ready for configuration part which will deal with creating domains and configuring specific components of OFM11g. I will be configuring only Forms & Reports components in my next post as my application is of forms & reports only.

In my previous post, i have installed weblogic 10.3.6 on Oracle Linux 5. In this post i will be installing OFM binaries on linux server. Follow this link to get the download the software from oracle software delivery cloud . Unzip the contents and run the runInstaller as we do for database.

First screen will be welcome screen.


click next >


Select the “install software – do not configure” option as we need to apply the patch on this. It easy to patch before doing all the configurations.


This will check the prereqes for OS. Detailed description of OS requirments can be found here.


Click next >


Now, you need to select the Middleware home and Oracle Home Directory. Please make sure that you follow your naming standards as these will be used every now and then during configuration and maintenence.


specify details, if you want otherwise uncheck box and click next >


Click install >


Installation will start now.


progress bar for installation.


run script from root user and once done click ok.


With this installation is finished and we are ready for applying patch on this.

I will be posting a series on installation and configuration of OFM 11g ( on Oracle Linux 5 with focus of hosting a Oracle forms & reports application. Mainly, following steps will be done in different posts:

1) Weblogic 10.3.6 Installation
2) OFM Installation
3) Applying Patch
4) Configuring OFM for hosting forms and reports application

So, in first post, i will be installing weblogic 10.3.6. Certification Matrix for weblogic 10.3.6 for different platforms can be found here. Different platforms have different Prerequisites which can be found here. I am using a .bin installer for Weblogic for linux platform. There are several types of weblogic installers and details of which can be found here.

Start the installer for weblogic as screen shot given below.


This will start the installer for weblogic in GUI mode.








Click Next >








Select the Middleware Home for weblogic installation and click next >








Click next >








Select the custom option and click next>








De-select the evaluation database option and Oracle coherence option from this screen and click next >








Select the version of java installed on machine, see the certification matrix link mentioned above to install the supported version of java.








Select the weblogic home, which is usually given the default value.








click next>








Installation will start now.








Uncleck the run quickstart and click Done. With this, the weblogic 10.3.6 installation is completed and we are ready for installing OFM on this weblogic installation, which i will be covering in next post. Please let me know your queries and comments.

Today during installation of Oracle Fusion Middleware on AIX 7.1, i got the below error during installation. I was installing











Prior to getting this error, installation was so slow that i got got this error in 8hrs. This error is due to wrong mount option of filesystem, in which i was

installing oracle binarries. CIO option was enable on installation mountpoint, which should not be enabled for mountpoint having oracle binaries. Once

CIO option is disabled (requires server restart) for filesystem, installation went fine.