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Below are steps to install the XDB on a database. XDB is a essential component with 11g onwards as it’s required for e-mail functionality to work from database. You need to create network ACL list for sending e-mails from database that i will be covering in another post. This post is limited to installation of XDB only. Prior to install the XDB or upgrade a database having XDB installed, look out for any objects that needs to be dropped. Follow the doc 1573175.1 on Oracle support to run the script for checking same. Follow the doc 1292089.1 on Oracle support for detailed information with respect to different versions of database. This installation is done on and pre-install script as per doc 1573175.1 didn’t return any error.

Create a tablespace exclusively for XDB objects.

create tablespace XDB_DATA datafile '/u04/oradata/TESTDB/xdb_data01.dbf' size 1024M;

Now, run the catqm.sql script with parameters as below:

@$ORACLE_HOME/rdbms/admin/catqm.sql A B C D


A : XDB user password
B : XDB Default tablespace
C : XDB user temporary tablespace
D : YES or NO (Yes will use secure File storage and No will use LOB’s)

@$ORACLE_HOME/rdbms/admin/catqm.sql xdb XDB_DATA TEMP NO

In 12c version Oracle XML DB is a mandatory component which cannot be uninstalled and if Oracle XML DB is not already installed in database prior to an upgrade to 12c, then it is automatically installed.