ORA-02084: database name is missing a component

Posted: April 7, 2013 in Database General
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I got below error while creating a database manually with version on Oracle Linux 5.

create database  YYAPRD
ERROR at line 1:
ORA-01092: ORACLE instance terminated. Disconnection forced
ORA-02084: database name is missing a component
Process ID: 5980
Session ID: 63 Serial number: 3

Below is my database creation script.

create database  YYAPRD
        maxdatafiles  500
        maxinstances  1
        maxlogfiles   32
        maxlogmembers 4
        character set AL32UTF8
        national character set AL16UTF16
DATAFILE '/u04/oradata/YYAPRD/system01.dbf' SIZE 1024M reuse
SYSAUX DATAFILE '/u04/oradata/YYAPRD/sysaux01.dbf' SIZE 500M reuse
UNDO TABLESPACE UNDOTBS DATAFILE '/u04/oradata/YYAPRD/undotbs01.dbf' SIZE 500M reuse
LOGFILE GROUP 1 ('/u02/oradata/YYAPRD/redo01a.log','/u03/oradata/YYAPRD/redo01b.log') SIZE 10M reuse,
        GROUP 2 ('/u02/oradata/YYAPRD/redo02a.log','/u03/oradata/YYAPRD/redo02b.log') SIZE 10M reuse,
        GROUP 3 ('/u02/oradata/YYAPRD/redo03a.log','/u03/oradata/YYAPRD/redo03b.log') SIZE 10M reuse;

crosschecked my script few times and could not find anything wrong with it. Then i looked at init file for this db and found the culprit parameter. By mistake DB_DOMAIN parameter is set to value “.world”. Since, “world” is default value for this parameter, it’s not required to set this parameter explicitly and if doing so then never with a “.”, this dot (.) is creating a problem because GLOBAL_DB_NAME defaults to DB_NAME.DB_DOMAIN and GLOBAL_DB_NAME values is getting constructed something like YYAPRD..world (double dots).

Once, i removed the dot from DOMAIN_NAME parameter, DB creation went fine.


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